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This site includes ancestors of our maternal grandmother, Birdie Shreve Marsh, and her maternal grandmother, Susannah West Kendall, daughter of Edwards West Sr. and Sarah Edwards, all of Brown Co, Ohio. See Terry's Lineage for more information.

Our Edwards & West families were earlier settlers in Adams, Brown and Clermont counties, Ohio. They came from Fairfax Co, VA by way of Pennsylvania -- present day Washington Co -- and Kentucky -- present day Mason Co.

In 1995, our cousins Lola Edwards Lindsey and Donal S. West published a five volume set of books entitled, Descendants of Edwards West Sr. and Sarah Edwards, and much of the information we have on these families today is due to their efforts.

Lola and Donal have also published a six volume set of books the West and Reid families. The contents pages of both sets of books are included here, as well as the libraries where some of them may be found.

If you are a relative, please take a moment to say hello via e-mail. We would like to know who you are!

Donal S. West Under Construction
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We are pleased to announce a new section in the West Family website to include information on our cousin, and elder, Donal S. West, his lineage and books. Donal has spent many years researching the West family history and, together with cousins Lola Edwards Lindsey and Leontine Launer, has published the results of this research in a number of books on the West and allied families.

West-Trammell Onelist
West/Trammell Onelist is a maillist for the descendants of Thomas West and Sarah Trammell. Cousin Stephanie West Allen has set up this list and is the moderator. All messages are archived and searchable. Join by sending a message to WestTrammell-subscribe@onelist.com or use the above link. There should be nothing in the subject line or in the message.

West-Trammell Reunion Updated 4 Feb 2001
A reunion is planned this year for descendants of Sarah and Thomas, but it will not be in Brown Co, Ohio this spring, as previously announced. For latest information, please subscribe to the West-Trammell Onlist above.

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