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Kings, Kin And Scoundrels
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This excerpt was transcribed by cousin Stephanie West Allen. She writes, "I really enjoyed this paragraph from "Descendants Of Thomas Trammell Revolutionary Soldier" by Charles S. McCleskey and thought you might too."
"A generation is usually about 25 to 30 years . . . It is interesting to calculate the number of 7g-grandparents a person has, who lived at the same time, 10 generations ago. The number is easy to arrive at, for the number of ancestors doubles each generation. For example, we have 2 parents, 4 grandparents, 8 great-grandparents, and so on. We have 512 7g-grandparents. . . . [W]e have our 27 g-grandparents, and a lot of them, 126,541,792 of them. . . . Actually, there were not that many people in all western Europe at that time. Then how could you have so many 27g-grandparents living about that time? The explanation is that as you trace your ancestry back you find that your ancestral lines cross, or come together, so that maternal and paternal ancestors are the same. . . . [T]he chances are excellent that if you can trace your ancestry back 30 generations you can claim noble and royal blood, as well as kinship with most of the great scoundrels of that period of history. In short, as you go back you pick up more and more kinsmen until you finally realize you must be kin to just about everyone, and you should have known that before you started your search. Haven't we been taught that all men are brothers, that is kin?"