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Websites that focus on genealogy of Shreve and related families, including query boards. To add a site, please e-mail.

Shreve Maillist added 6/1/98
Gregory M. Shreve and Joan M. Shreve, of Kent, OH have started a "mailing list for people interested in the Genealogy and History of the Shreve build a national list covering the main branches of the Shreve line--trying to do in an electronic form what Sherry Shreve March tried to do with the old Shreve Newsletter several years ago. If you are interested in genealogy please support Shreve Family Research by subscribing (its free!)." Gregory's line is from the Virginia Shreves descended from William Shreve and Freelove Dyer. William is son of Daniel, son of Thomas and Martha Sheriff.

History and Genealogy of the Shreve Family added 2/17/99
This extensive website by Gregory M. Shreve & Joan M. Shreve, moderators of the Shreve maillist (see above), "is an attempt to build a genealogical and historical resource for the descendants of Thomas Sheriff of Plymouth, Massachusetts and Little Compton, Rhode Island. The descendants of this American founding father typically have the surname of Shreve, but the variant spellings Shreves, Shreeve, Shreeves, Shrieve and Shrieves are also known." Recommended to all Shreve researchers.

Shreve Family Genealogy Forum
Go to Shreve GenForum
An automated query bulletin board, or forum, on the web that is free and open to everyone. GenForum is a collection of automated bulletin boards, or query forums, for 5000+ surnames as of April 1998.

Shreve at Rootsweb
The Shreve at Rootsweb cluster page has a number of searchable databases, including WorldConnect Family Trees, the Social Security Death Index, the RootsWeb Surname List, the US GenWeb Archives, Rootsweb Mailing Lists, 7 different GenConnect forums as well as other features. If you have a Shreve website, there is also a form for adding a link to it on the cluster page. A great resource.

GenConnect Family Association: Shreve Queries
An automated queries board for posting information on Shreve surname genealogy. Includes a Surname Helper search of extensive Rootsweb files.

McElfresh - Leonard Genealogy Web Site
Joan Leonard's website contains information on the family of Nancy Shreve and Bazil McElfresh. Nancy Shreve was the daughter of Samuel and Sophia Shreve and sister of our ancestor Thomas Shreve. Extensive McElfresh information including a downloadable gedcom file and a McElfresh query bulletin board.

Daniel Sheriff/Shreve, Rhode Island (1658-1737)
This page, part of the America's First Families website, was submitted by Janelle Morrow Walker Warden of Satellite Beach, Florida.

University of Houston Library: Israel Shreve
University of Houston Library has a webpage giving details of an Israel Shreve Collection.

Historic Perryopolis, PA
The "Historic Perryopolis, PA" webpage contains information on some historic sites and buildings, including George Washington's Grist Mill and mentions Colonel Israel Shreve. Also mentioned is the Providence Meeting House "2 miles west of Perryopolis," which "is built on land purchased by the Quakers in 1789." Another Perryopolis website has a page on Washington's Grist Mill and another on the layout of the town.

Mississippi River Museum: Henry Miller Shreve
The Mississippi River Museum website has a page on Henry Miller Shreve in the "National Rivers Hall of Fame" section.

Columbus, New Jersey History by Pearl J. Tusim
This website includes some Shreve names on the "1688 Mansfield Township" page.

Crawford Co, PA 1876 Atlas: Cyrus Shreve
Tom Yoset's website, "A Genealogical Tour of Crawford County, Pennsylvania," contains information from the 1876 Atlas of Crawford County, and a sketch of Cyrus Shreve born 1825 is found on a page from the Biographical Sketches section.