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My Shreve Lineage
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My lineage and links to ten generations of family group sheets for ancestors of my grandma Birdie P. Shreve, daughter of David Shreve and Helenor "Ella" Kendall of Brown Co, Ohio and Norwood, Hamilton Co, Ohio.

Shreve Genealogy Books
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Two books by Luther P. Allen and one by Sue Ann Gardner Shreve. Description, availability and chapter 2 of the 1901 genealogy in downloadable pdf format.

Samuel Shreve, Son of Caleb Shreve and Hannah Thorn Added 7/31/00
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A new section to present information on Samuel Shreve, his wife or wives, their children and descendants.

Shreve Links
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Includes an excellent Shreve maillist, websites that focus on genealogy of Shreve and related families and Shreve query sites.

Photos of Historic New Jersey
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Photos by Pete Taylor of of Mt. Pleasant homestead, Shreveville Mansion, Quaker Meeting Houses and Quaker Cemeteries. Each section has a fast loading thumbnail index with links to individual photos.

Shreve Family Relatives
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An index of some of our relatives and their families, with contact information - if you would like to add your name and line to this index, please send e-mail. All materials are copyrighted on behalf of the contributors.

Shreve Research Bibliography
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This list of references has been contributed by Sue Ann Gardner Shreve. If anyone has other references, please feel free to send them along!

Shreve Queries
Shreve Queries
We invite you to use our new automated query boards to help find your ancestors.

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Shreve Reunions
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Upcoming Shreve reunions, with contact information - if you have information to post about a reunion, please send e-mail.

If you are a relative, please take a moment to say hello. We would like to know who you are! And if you have additions, corrections or would like to add your branch to the family tree, please use the e-mail link above.

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