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This site includes ancestors of my maternal grandmother, Birdie Shreve Marsh, her parents, Helenor Kendall and David Shreve, grandparents, Thomas H. Kendall and Susannah West, great grandparents, Theodosia Scott and David Kendall, and gr. gr. grandparents, Thomas and Ann Scott, all of Brown Co, Ohio. See Terry's Lineage for more information.

Thomas and Ann Scott came from Virginia, sometime before 1799, may have resided for awhile in Kentucky, where son Thomas Jr. was born, and around 1803 or 1804, settled on Straight Creek in Pleasant Twp, Clermont Co., Ohio. Pleasant Twp. was incorporated into newly formed Brown Co. in 1818.

Thomas and Ann Scott were the parents of six daughters and two sons that we know of: Nancy, Theodosia, Matilda, John, Thomas Jr., Julia Ann, Elizabeth and Mary "Polly". With the exception of John who died in 1815 at age 17, all the known children married and had children of their own.

Information contained herein includes the family history, according to current findings, known descendants, family records and a few pictures, and has been compiled by the joint efforts of many family members.

If you are a relative, please take a moment to say hello via e-mail. We would like to know who you are! Also, if you have information to add, or would like to add your branch to the family tree, please let us know.

Terry Bodkin
4G Grandson of
Thomas & Ann

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