Pickett in Indiana, Kentucky and Ohio Census Index
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Indiana 1820
Surname, First     County       Page

PICKET, Heathcote     Switzerland    174       01110-00100
PICKET, John          Orange         133

PIGGOTT, Joshua       Wayne          171
PIGGOTT, Joseph       Wayne          257

[Note: Pickett researchers have said that Piggot is a spelling variation of Pickett]

Indiana 1830
Surname, First     County       Page

PICKET, Benjamin      Switzerland    059
PICKET, Heathcoat     Switzerland    059
PICKET, William       Switzerland    059
PICKET, Younger       Switzerland    059

Indiana 1840
Surname, First     County       Page

PICKIT, Younger       Switzerland    259

Kentucky 1810
Surname, First     County       Page

PICKET, John          Barren         42       10010-11010-03
PICKET, Philip        Campbell       31       20010-00101-00
PICKET, George        Fayette        53       20110-40010-01
PICKET, George        Fayette        53       32110-01001-00
PICKET, George        Harrison       323      11010-00100-04
PICKET, William       Harrison       323      20010-21010-00
PICKET, John          Mason          268      30101-10010-00

PICKELL, George       Fayette        25       20110-40100-01
PICKELL, John         Jefferson      28       00010-00100-00

Kentucky 1820
Surname, First     County       Page

PICKETT, Jno          Mason          53-47
PICKETT, Jos          Mason          79-25

PICKETT, George       Fayette        82-18
PICKETT, Jeremiah     Fayette        82-19
PICKETT, John         Fayette        103-1
PICKETT, John         Fayette        103-13
PICKETT, John         Fayette        103-16
PICKETT, William      Fayette        83-31

PICKETT, Cassiah      Harrison       214-34
PICKETT, George       Harrison       216-7

PICKET, John          Barren         24-14
PICKET, William       Barren         24-1

PICKETT, Beall        Campbell       6-10
PICKETT, Phillip      Campbell       6-12
PICKETT, Thomas       Clark          103-12
PICKETT, William      Campbell       6-9

PICKETT, Willis M.    Daviess        20-31

Kentucky 1830
Surname, First     County        Page

PICKET, Beal          Campbell       243
PICKET, John          Campbell       252
PICKET, Leanna        Campbell       243
PICKET, Philip        Campbell       243
PICKET, William       Campbell       244
PICKET, William       Campbell       241

PICKETT, George       Fayette        290
PICKETT, Jeremiah     Fayette        298
PICKETT, John         Fayette        296

PICKETT, John         Mason          251	Western Twp
PICKETT, William      Mason          214	Maysville

PICKETT, John         Gallatin       170

PICKETT, Thomas       Clark
PICKETT, William      Jefferson      080	Louisville
PICKETT, Willis M.    Daviess           	Owensboro
PICKETT, William      Henry          278

Kentucky 1840
Surname, First      County        Page

PICKET, Benjamin      Mason          012	Northern Twp
PICKETT, Thomas J.    Mason          004	Northern Twp

PICKET, John          Fayette        172	West div

PICKETT, Alfred W.    Kenton         288
PICKETT, Beal         Kenton         282
PICKETT, Eli          Kenton         281
PICKETT, George       Kenton         282
PICKETT, Philip       Kenton         286
PICKETT, William      Kenton         282
PICKETT, Johnston     Kenton         285

Kentucky 1850
Surname, First      County        Page

PICKET, Alfred        Kenton         186
PICKET, Anna          Kenton         185
PICKET, George        Kenton         167
PICKET, John          Kenton         176
PICKET, Philip        Kenton         177
PICKETT, Hiram        Kenton         279	Covington
PICKETT, Phillip      Kenton         130
PICKETT, Samuel       Kenton         129

PICKETT, Alfred       Clark          011

PICKETT, Benjamin D.  Mason          013
PICKETT, William L.   Mason          011
PICKETTY, Thomas J.   Mason          032	Maysville

Ohio 1840 Index
Surname, First     County        Page

PICKETT, Joseph       Clermont       245	Miami Twp
PICKETTS, Samuel      Brown          227	Jackson Twp	1102001000000-1100100100000

[Note: The Ohio Index has PICKETTS but I think that may be a mistake; I have a scanned image of page
227 and the entry appears 4 lines below David Kindle, however, it does not look like PICKETTS to me;
there are a few other names on this page with t's and double t's in them and all are prominantly
crossed; the two tall letters in this name do not appear to be crossed and could be two "l's"; there
also appears to be a "u" or two other small letters after the "pick" and before the two tall letters,
rather than an "e"; my best guess is that this is PICKRILL or something similar. There was a father
and a son named Samuel Pickerill living in Brown Co around this time and this man is about the age
range (40-50) of the son.