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Our 3G Grandparents
These pages include family data for our earliest known Kendall ancestors, DAVID KINDLE (1786-1858) and THEODOCIA SCOTT (1792-1875), of Brown County, Ohio, and their 15 married children born between 1811 and 1838.

Leroy J., Malinda, John S., Joseph M., Thomas, Rachel, Cary D., Jeremiah H., Matilda, Rebecca, Johnson, Alexander M., Julia Ann, William C., and George W.

Our Line
Our line is from THOMAS KINDLE and SUSANNAH WEST. Also included are known descendants, various records, family group sheets, and some related families.

Related Families
Related families include David's brother, JOSEPH KINDLE and wife NANCY MORROW, Theodocia's parents, THOMAS and ANN SCOTT, SUSANNAH WEST's parents, EDWARDS WEST Sr. and SARAH EDWARDS, and where known, children and descendants (see Related Families to the left).

Why the different spellings?
Various spellings of the family name show up in the old records. The most prominent were Kendall, Kendle, and Kindle, and these three have been used by different branches of our family into this century and up to the present time. A recent discovery of THOMAS SCOTT's estate records showed the signature: DAVID KINDEL, the first time we have seen this spelling.

Much of the information presented here has been contributed by my mother Helen Marsh Bodkin, my aunt Eleanor Marsh Amlung, cousins Sharon Gomez, Steve Holloway, Jim Innis, Charlotte Kindle, and Lola Lindsey.

If you have information to add to any of these families, please e-mail.

Terry Bodkin
3G Grandson of
David KINDLE & Theodosia SCOTT
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