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Thank you for visiting our family tree website. We believe in freely sharing information about our family history. The notice on the right answers usual questions about copyright and what it means.

We look forward to hearing from our relatives and from researchers of these and related families.

The materials presented on this and our other genealogy websites represent the efforts of many family members, past and present, and we are indebted to our relatives for their contributions and generousity.

Contact Information
My name is Terry Bodkin and I am the editor and webmaster for all our family history sites. I can be contacted by e-mail at I do my best to reply to all mail, but if for some reason you don't hear back from me, please try again or send me a reminder.

Copyright Notice
What Is It?
A copyright notice is a legal protection for intellectual properties against unauthorized use. In the case of our websites, it protects our work as well as the work of all who have contributed materials to these pages, since we copyright everything to the contributors.

What Is Allowed and What Is Not?
The copyright notice means that all the contents are property of the contributors and are for the
private, non-commerical use of our readers and may be copied and printed out by them for their personnal use. Our readers may also share the contents of our pages with others, so long as it is for the same private, non-commercial uses.

However, no part of this website may be sold, used for commercial purposes or re-published in any form, either in print, electronically or otherwise, without permission of the authors. All rights are reserved.

Why Is It Needed?
As strange as it may seem, there have been cases where unknowing, or perhaps unscrupulous, persons have taken materials from another's website and either published it on their own websites, or sold it to commercial websites, or other enterprises, without permission. This is a copyright violation.

Cases are also reported of commercial and subscription genealogy websites including pages from otherwise free, non-commercial and privately owned genealogy websites within their own pages, or frames, thereby charging people to view or access them. If you saw any of our pages in this way, please let us know. Our websites are all free and non-commercial and no one should have to pay to see any of them.