Families Group Sheets

Couples indexed here are either direct ancestors, or siblings of our ancestors and their spouses.

There is a family group sheet online for most couples. Click on the linked names to view the page.

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Ann Bateman & Ellis Ellis

Rose Bernstein & Morris Bodkin

Bodkin (see Slobodkin)
Morris Bodkin & Rose Bernstein
Wesley Bodkin & Helen L. Marsh

Susannah Downing & George Edwards

John Downing & Susannah Ellis
James Downing & Susannah _______

George Edwards & Susannah Downing

Sarah Edwards & Edwards West Sr.
James Edwards & Sarah _______

Eleanor Edwards & John West Sr.
Ellis Ellis & Anne Bateman
Humphrey Ellis & Sage Morgan
Susannah Ellis & John Downing
—?— Ellis & Jane Cadwalader
William Ellis & Mary "Polly" Hodgkins

Elizabeth Evans & ______ Hodgkins
Amos Evans & Christiana ?

Mary Elizabeth Harris & William Hutt

James Hodgkins Sr. & Hannah _______
Susannah Hodgkins & Joshua Mefford
Eleanor Hodgkins & Thomas Mefford

William Harris Hutt & Mary Elizabeth Harris
Elizabeth Anne Hutt & James Marsh
William H. Hutt & Susan A. Smith

Rachel Ingram & Thomas Shreve

Kendall (Kendle, Kindel, Kindle)
David Kendall & Theodocia Scott
Joseph Kendall & Nancy Morrow
Alexander McClain Kendall & Sarah Myers
Cary D. Kendall & Narcissa Cox
George W. Kendall & Mary Jane Gardner
Jeremiah H. Kendall & Mary Ellis
John Scott Kendall & Rachel Ann Crane
Johnson Kendall & Ruth Ann Dye
Joseph M. Kendall & Margaret McMillen
Julia Ann Kendall & Samuel Henry

Leroy J. Kendall & Eliza Jane Bayne
& Mary Jane Carnahan
Malinda Kendall & James Edward Evans
& Nelson N.W. Fuller
Matilda Kendall & Samuel G. McClure

Rachel Kendall & Peter McKee
Rebecca Kendall & Henry Brady
Thomas H. Kendall & Susannah West
William C. Kendall & Nancy Pickett


Rebecca Kushner & Alexander Slobodkin

James Marsh & Elizabeth Anne Hutt
James T. Marsh & Birdie P. Shreve
Pearl Marsh & Delmar Phelps
Helen L. Marsh & Wesley Bodkin
Eleanor E. Marsh & William C. Amlung

Malinda Masters & George Mefford
Nathan Masters & ________
Mary Ann Masters & Thomas McGinnis
Chloe Masters & John Riggs
Mary Masters & Jeremiah Riggs

George Mefford & Malinda Masters
Joshua Mefford & Susannah Hodgkins
Malinda Mefford & Samuel Shreve

Thomas Scott Sr. & Anne _____
Theodocia Scott & David Kendall/Kindle
Thomas Scott Jr. & Lydia Sparks
Mary "Polly" Scott & Samuel Tucker
Nancy Scott & ______ Pikett
Matilda Scott & Ebenezer Moore
Elizabeth Scott & John F. Johnston

Shreve (also Sheriff)
David Shreve & Helenor "Ella" Kendall
Samuel Shreve & Malinda Mefford
Thomas Shreve & Rachel Ingram
Samuel Shreve & Sophia _______
Caleb Shreve & Hannah Thorn
Joshua Shreve & Jane Budd
Caleb Shreve & Sarah Areson
Thomas Sheriff & Martha ?

Alexander Slobodkin & Rebecca Kushner

Hannah Thorn & Caleb Shreve
John Thorn Jr. & Catherine Oakley
John Thorne & Mary Pearsall
William Thorne & Susannah Booth

Sarah Trammell & Thomas West Sr.

Edwards West Sr. & Sarah Edwards
John West Sr. & Eleanor Laws Edwards
Susannah West & Thomas Kendall
Thomas West Sr. & Sarah Trammell