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Morris Bodkin's Family and Ancestors in Minsk, Russia, Coney Island, New York and Newport, Kentucky

Grandpa Morris Bodkin was born Moische Slobodkin in Minsk, Russia on 18 July 1878, oldest son of Alexander and Rebecca Slobodkin. Morris had four brothers and three sisters; Nathan, Sam, Joe, Julius, Libby, Gertrude and Sylvia. All came to the U.S except Libby who was married and remained in Russia.

Morris married our grandma, Rose Bernstein sometime before 1902. He served in the Russian Army and was a carpenter and cabinet maker, trained to design and build curving, formal staircases. He built many fine houses and the Bella Apts. on 18th St. in Newport, Kentucky in the 1920's and '30's. Brother Nathan also was a cabinet maker and brother Sam also served in the Russian army.

Morris arrived in New York 26 July 1904 aboard the S.S. Vaderland, of the Red Star Lines, which had sailed from Antwerp, Belgium on 16 July 1904. His ticket had been paid for by his brother, Nachman Josef Slobodkin whose address was given as 1384 Park Ave, New York City, and who later went by the name of Nathan. Another brother, Yudel Slobodkin, age 20, arrived 25 Sept 1905 accompanied by our grandma, Rose Bernstein, whose name was recorded as Rosa Slobodsky, and oldest children Raphael and Liebe, our uncle Phil and aunt Lillian. Yudel went by the name of Julius Slobof in the U.S.

According to the birth certificate for our uncle Bernard Slobodkin, born 29 Nov 1906, the family was residing at 54 Bartlett St., Brooklyn. The family had relocated to Newport, Campbell Co, KY sometime before Sept 1909 when our aunt Isabelle was born.

Our great grandparents, were Alexander and Rebecca Slobodkin. Alexander was a Hebrew religious scholar who trained children for Bar Mitzvah and Rebecca was a baker who had a bakery in Russia. They lived in Coney Island, New York after immigrating to the United States. Alexander died probably about 1925 and Rebecca about 1930.

Morris and Rose had five children: Raphael (Phillip), Liebe (Lillian), Bernard, Isabelle and Wesley, our father. According to the census records of 1920, Rose had given birth to six children, five of whom were living, so perhaps there was another child who died young, however we had never heard this from our family.