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James T. Marsh's Family and Ancestors in Lancashire, England, Glamorgan, Wales, Rock Island Co, Illinois, Floyd, Howard and Madison Counties, Indiana.

Grandpa James T. Marsh was born Thomas James Marsh, 18 April 1886 in Rock Island, Illinois. He was the second of eight children and the oldest son. Sometime between 1890 and 1893, when he was still quite young, the family moved from Illinois back to Indiana.

His parents were James Marsh, born 15 Dec 1854 in St. Helen's, Lancashire, England, and Elizabeth Anne Hutt, born Aug 1867 in Wales. They were married 30 Dec 1882 in Floyd Co, Indiana. Grandpa grew up in mostly in Madison Co, Indiana where his father, and grandfather, William Hutt, worked in the glass factory. Grandpa worked for a while as a glassblower, like his father.

He married Birdie P. Shreve in 1907 in Norwood, Ohio, at the home of grandma's parents, David and Helenor (Kendall) Shreve, and the home where my mother and aunts were born. Norwood is in Hamilton county near Cincinatti.

The family resided in Norwood until 1944, when many moved to southern California. Our grandparents settled in San Bernadino and our grandpa operated a roadside business on Foothill Blvd., old Route 66, between San Bernadino and Rialto. He died in San Bernadino, 30 Aug 1964 and is buried in Bellevue Cemetery, Ontario, CA with grandma Birdie (Shreve) Marsh and grandma's sister Josie Shreve.

Grandpa was a member of the Masonic order.