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Birdie P. Shreve's Ancestors in Brown, Adams and Clermont Co, Ohio, Mason Co, Kentucky, and the colonies.

Grandma Birdie Priscilla Shreve was born 23 Feb 1888 in Brown Co, Ohio, youngest daughter of David Shreve (1852-1927) and Helenor "Ella" Kendall (1856-1927). She had two sisters: Josie Pearl Shreve born 2 Sep 1877 and Eva Luella Shreve born 9 July 1884. About 1901, David, Ella and the girls moved from Brown Co to Norwood, Ohio just north of Cincinatti. Grandma married our grandther James T. Marsh in 1907 in Norwood and daughters Pearl, Helen (our mother) and Eleanor were born there in 1910, 1912 and 1916 respectfully.

The family resided in or near Norwood until the end of WW2 when they came west to California. Grandma and grandpa and grandma's sister Josie settled in San Bernardino where they lived the rest of their lives. Aunt Josie died in 1956, grandma in 1961, and grandpa in 1964. They are all buried in Bellevue Cemetery in nearby Ontario, California.

We have been able to identify a great many of grandma's ancestors and all those found so far had been living in the colonies of Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania and Virginia well before the revolutionary war. After the war and between the years 1785 and 1820, they came west and settled along the Ohio River in territories that became the states of Kentucky in 1792 and Ohio in 1803. Although most ended up residing in Brown Co, Ohio after its formation in 1818, records may be found for them in the parent counties of Adams and Clermont in Ohio, as well as across the river in Mason Co, Kentucky.

The migration route taken by most of grandma's ancestors went through the southwestern corner of Pennsylvania and the present-day counties of Washington, Greene and Fayette, as well as the adjacent area of what was then Ohio Co, Virginia, in the present-day panhandle of West Virginia. From there, many came down the Ohio River on flatboats, usually landing at Limestone, near the present town of Maysville, Kentucky.

According to our findings, most of grandma's known ancestors came to America from England, Scotland and Wales, while at least one family came from Germany and another from Holland. So far our efforts have been concentrated on carrying each family line back to the immigrant, but we eventually hope to expand our search back to Europe.