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Our Ellis Ancestry
Our 5G grandparents were Susannah Ellis (1750-1815) and John Downing (1749-1826), son of James and Susannah Downing. Susannah's parents were Ellis Ellis (1714-aft 1775) and Anne Bateman (?1724-1775), daughter of John and Anne Bateman. Ellis' parents were Humphrey Ellis (1688-1748) and Sage Morgan (1678-1761), daughter of John Morgan and twin sister of Luse (Lucy) Morgan. Humphrey Ellis' father is not known to us, but his mother was Jane Cadwalader, daughter of Cadwalader Rowland. Ellis, Morgan and Cadwalader families were from Wales and some of these ancestors were Quakers.

Three children of Ellis Ellis and Anne Bateman, Susannah, Isaac and Ann, married children of James and Susannah Downing, and additional information on these Ellis families may be found on the Downing Genealogy website.

Thanks are due to Harold and David Boles for their extensive research on the early generations of our family, published in their fine book, Ellis Ancestors, 1994; to Joe Downing for all the help and info on Downing and Ellis families (see Downing website for some of Joe's articles); and to Lola Edwards Lindsey for all the help and info on our Downing, Edwards and West families and for the five volume series of books, Descendants of Edwards West and Sarah Edwards, published 1995 with Donal S. West.

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