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James Edwards & Sarah Everett
Our 5G Grandparents were James EDWARDS (1730-1803) , and Sarah ______ (1729- ? ). They were married ca 1751 in Fairfax Co, Virginia, and there are nine known children: Jacob, William Everett, Eleanor, Nancy, James, Alexander, Robert, George, and Jane, born between 1752 and 1776. We are descended from two of their children.

Eleanor Edwards & John West Sr.
Our 4G Grandmother was Eleanor EDWARDS, daughter of James EDWARDS and Sarah ______, and sister of George. She was born 1756 in Alexandria, Fairfax Co, Virginia, and died 1 Feb 1841 in Decatur, Brown Co, Ohio.
She married John WEST Sr. (1758-1808), son of Thomas WEST Sr. and Sarah TRAMMELL, Aug 1775 in Fairfax Co, Virginia.
Eleanor and John were the parents of nine children: Letticia, William, James, Elizabeth, Eleanor, Sarah Trammell, John, Jane, and Edwards, and we are descended from their son Edwards West Sr.and Sarah Edwards.

George Edwards & Susannah Downing
Our 4G Grandfather was George EDWARDS, who was born 3 Jan 1772, in Fairfax Co, Virginia, died 28 Oct 1870 in Union Twp, Brown Co, Ohio, and was buried in West-Evans Cemetery, Byrd Twp, Brown Co, OH.
He married Susannah DOWNING (1776-1853), daughter of John DOWNING and Susannah ELLIS, 20 Aug 1794 in Washington, Mason Co, KY.
George and Susannah were the parents of fifteen children, thirteen of whom grew to adulthood and married: John, Elizabeth, Sarah, James, William and Ellis - twins, Darius, Alexander, Susannah, Telitha, Amanda, Polly and Orange, and we are descended from daughter Sarah and her husband Edwards West Sr.

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