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28 Nov 1999 - Downing Family website updated and reorganized. Articles have been added and updated, and the site now has three sections, each with its own contents page, representing information on three Downing families:
  • James Downing Descendants -- Terry Bodkin [see below] & Ken Downing's line
  • Timothy Downing Descendants -- Joe Downing's line from Maryland, Mason Co, Kentucky, Pike Co, Ohio, and Benton Co, Missouri.
  • Joseph Downing Descendants -- Bob Fetter's line from Maryland and W. Virginia and Ohio, by early 1800's

12 Dec 1999 Correction - In the file "James Downing Descendants" errors among the children of Timothy Downing b1751 were corrected.

12 Feb 2002 - Cousin Ken Downing and I have decided to collaborate on the James Downing Descendants section of this website and a new subsection for Ken's ancestors, Reason Downing & Elizabeth Ellis, and their descendants will be added. Reason Downing is the son of John Downing and Susannah Ellis, our common ancestors, and grandson of James Downing. In addition to being contact person for the Reason Downing family, Ken will also be one of the contact persons for the James Downing family. Thanks Ken, and welcome aboard.

See the main contents page for links to the different sections.

Terry's Downing Line
Our 6g grandparents were James and Susannah Downing and we are descended through their son, John Downing born 10 May 1749, and Susannah Ellis. Their daughter, Susannah Downing, was born 5 Feb 1776 in Washington Co, PA, fourth of fourteen known children. She died 6 Aug 1853 in Byrd Twp, Brown Co, Ohio, and is buried in West-Evans Cemetery in Byrd Twp.

Susannah Downing married George Edwards 20 Aug 1794 in Washington, Mason Co, Kentucky. He was born 3 Jan 1772 in Fairfax Co, Virginia, son of James Edwards and Sarah ______, eighth of nine known children. He was over 98 years old when he died 28 Oct 1870 in Union Twp, Brown Co, Ohio, and is also buried in West-Evans Cemetery in Byrd Twp. George's older sister Eleanor Edwards is also one of our direct ancestors. She married John West Sr., also of Fairfax Co. See Edwards Family Genealogy and West Family Genealogy for more about them.

Thanks are due to Joe Downing for information on Downing and Ellis families and for the many articles included in this website (see contents); to Lola Lindsey for all the help on our Edwards and West families, and for the five volume series of books she produced with Donal S. West, Descendants of Edwards West and Sarah Edwards. Sarah Edwards is the daughter of Susannah Downing and George Edwards (see West Family Genealogy or Edwards Family Genealogy for description of these books); and to Harold and David Boles for their book, Ellis Ancestors (see Ellis Genealogy for description).
Terry Bodkin
6G Grandson of Susannah & John
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