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When I was a boy, my father had often mentioned his relatives who were in the fur business in New Orleans. He said they bought furs from the trappers and sold them to furriers in New York. I don't know if he said there were other relatives in the business in New York, or if I imagined that part! He also mentioned an uncle or cousin Jack who offered to pay his way through college. I suspect that Jack is the Jacob/Jack Bernstein of J Bernstein & Co raw furs listed below in 1938 and 1949.

When I started with genealogy, my sister told me that mom had told her that during WW2, late 1942 or early 1943, when she was pregnant for our oldest sister, my mom and dad had traveled by train from California, where dad was stationed before going overseas to Iceland, back home to Cincinatti. They traveled by way of New Orleans and stopped there to visit my dad's relatives there, an uncle or cousins or both? we aren't sure.

The listings included here are from Polk's New Orleans Directory for the years 1938, 1949 and 1973. Originals of these directories may be found at the Sutro Library (California State Genealogy Library) in San Francisco, CA

These are all the Bernsteins listed in the three years I copied. Listings in bold represent most probable relatives.


Bernstein, Abr (Sadie) whol furs h2429 State
Bernstein, Albert h7030 Cohn
Bernstein, Bennie (Etta) fctry wke h2523 Republic
Bernstein, Bertha see Harry C Curley r7030 Cohn
Bernstein, Beryl A mgr Louis Bernstein r2625 Nashville
Bernstein, Coleman tchr Fortier High Sch r4119 S Saratoga
Bernstein, David r2429 State
Bernstein, Edith r2217 Wirth pl
Bernstein, Edith bkpr Jefferson Bottling Co r118 Hector av (Metairie)
Bernstein, Edw clk Maison Blanche Co r2217 Wirth pl
Bernstein, Ethel sten US Survey of Federal Archives r4119 S Saratoga
Bernstein, Eug J (Lola) raw furs 210 Decatur h3626 Napolean av
Bernstein, Fred r1536 Nashville av
Bernstein, Gilbert lawyer 303 Caronndelet bldg r4119 S Saratoga
Bernstein, Gladys sten r2217 Wirth pl
Bernstein, J & Co raw furs 507 Decatur
Bernstein, Jacob bartender John C Matassa r905 StPhillip
Bernstein, Jacob furrier r1716 7th
Bernstein, Jacob tailor 1111 Perdido h do
Bernstein, Jos (Alma) fl mn Krauss Co Ltd h4422 S Liberty apt 3
Bernstein, Louis (Elsa) women's furngs 174 and 300 S Rampart h2629 Nashville Av
Bernstein, Max (Flora) rep Met Life Ins Co h2802 Audobon
Bernstein, Morris (Trudie) agt h4921 S Prieur pl
Bernstein, Phillip S restr r1510 Baronne
Bernstein, Rae (wid Herman) h2424 Palmer av
Bernstein, Rudolph clk Maison Blanche Co r4422 S Liberty
Bernstein, Sam N, Special Agent The Union Central Life Insurance Co, 1648 Canal Bank bldg, Tel Magnolia 3801, h 619 Nashville av Tel Uptown 3785
Bernstein, Sol h4119 S Saratoga
Bernstein, Sophie Mrs r1812 Carondelet
Bernstein, Wm policemn r417 S Clark
Bernstein & Musso restr 2542 Canal

DECATUR -- From Canal northeast and east to StFerdinand, 5th north of river

210 Bernstein Eug J raw furs
507 Bernstein J & Co raw furs


Bernstein, Abr (Sadie B; World Tire and Sup Co) h2429 State
Bernstein, Albert 238 Vallette (Alg)
Bernstein, Aberta B maid r2917 S Liberty
Bernstein, Annie K Mrs cash L & L Shop r2128 Palmer
Bernstein, Benj (Margt) capt r2715 Napoleon av
Bernstein, Dave (Maxine's) r3995 LaSalle pkwy
Bernstein, David (Lila) slsma World Tire & Sup h8424 Palmetto
Bernstein, Edith ofc sec Jefferson Bldg r118 Hector av (M)
Bernstein, Edw (Gladys L) driver h250Brockenbraugh ct (M)
Bernstein, Eleanor (wid Isaac) r2056 StDenis
Bernstein, Eleanora T Mrs h1510 Baronne
Bernstein, Eug J (Lola S) fur dlr 205 Chartres(*) h22 Versailles blvd
Bernstein, Flora Mrs slswn Miller Bros r1783 Coliseum
Bernstein, Gilbert lawyer and notary 1104 Tulane av r4220 S Miro
Bernstein, Harry E (Rose) slsmn h3414 Carondelet
Bernstein, Jack (Miriam) furrier h406 Chartres apt 1
Bernstein, Jacob tailor 1111 Perdido h do
Bernstein, Jos (Maxine's) r2526 StCharles av
Bernstein, Jos floor walker Krauss Co r2820 Soniat
Bernstein, Jos J student r22 Versailles blvd
Bernstein, Kurt (wid Fred W) h1534 Nashville av
Bernstein, Max (Flora) rep Met Life Ins Co h h1783 Coliseum apt 16
Bernstein, Morris (Mollie) mgr Sander's Shoe Store h2502 Robert
Bernstein, Percy L (Lucille G) supvr US Coast & Geodetic Survey h7444 StCharles av apt 3F
Bernstein, Phillip P (Theresa) h2056 StDenis
Bernstein, Rachel (wid Wm) r2422 Palmer av
Bernstein, Rudolph slsmn Maison Blanche Co r4422 S Liberty
Bernstein, Sam N (Frances L) r2627 StCharles
Bernstein, Sophie K slswm Maison Blanche Co r2027 Robert

(*) The fur business listed at 205 Chartres:
Landry, J F & Co Inc raw fur Jos F Landry pres; Murray Orenstein (NY) v-pres; Harry Klubeck (NY) sec-treas; raw fur 205 Chartres 4th fl


Bernstein, Annette Mrs (The Three Centuries Shop)
Bernstein, Arthur h7 Fontainebleau Dr Apt 1
Bernstein, Caesar (Jennie) h3536 Elysian Fields Av
Bernstein, David (Lila W) pres Delta World Tire & Sup Co h20 Park Island Dr
Bernstein, Fred W (wid Kurt) h1534 Nashville Av
Bernstein, Gilbert (Gulnare L) (Gill Bernstein Leppart & Gill) h1245 Gardena Dr
Bernstein, Gilbert studt r3127 State Street Dr
Bernstein, Harry E (Rose B) sec-treas Delta World Tire & Sup Co r 4159 State Street Dr
Bernstein, Helene slswn Maison Blanche r5727 Pratt Dr
Bernstein, Henry clk crier US Dist Ct (Section H) h4013 Prytania St Apt C
Bernstein, Joseph (Alma M) retd h5516 S Rocheblave St
Bernstein, Joseph (Phyllis A) (Bernstein & Bach) h5705 St Charles Av
Bernstein, Joseph Jr (Cath) eng Lykes Bros Steamship Co h5016 S Johnson St
Bernstein, Lola S (Wid Eug) h4739 St Charles Av Apt F
Bernstein, Marvin slsmn Delta World Tire & Sup rMetairie La
Bernstein, Morris (Mollie M) slsmn Krauss Co h3127 State Street Dr
Bernstein, Morton archt h 17 Neron Pl
Bernstein, Phillip J (Theresa M) retd h2056 St Denis St
Bernstein, R h1434 St Andrew St Apt 10
Bernstein, Ray Mrs h2111 St Charles Av Apt 721
Bernstein, Roger studt r1245 Gardena Dr
Bernstein, Ronald h1928 pine St
Bernstein, Rudolph retd r5516 S Rocheblave St
Bernstein, Sophie Mrs retd h5727 Pratt Dr
Bernstein, Theresa h7019 Crowder Rd Apt 7
Bernstein, Theresa A tchr (Mereaux La) r2056 St Denis St
Bernstine Anna K (Wid Abr) retd r2726 Jefferson Av

The only listing of a fur business I copied from the 1973 Directory, but don't know if any connection:
Steinberg, & Co (Julian Steinberg) furs 525 Decatur St
Steinberg, Julian (Ina L) (Steinberg & Co) h1201 Conery St